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Volunteer Team Disaster Response

On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, Serve Illinois Volunteer Program Manager, Jacob Jenkins, Upstate Volunteer Program Coordinator, Cecilia Maciel Martinez, Downstate Volunteer Program Coordinator, Anthony Wanless, along with Executive Director, Andres Fernandez, and Serve Illinois Commissioner John Gremer met with FEMA representatives, including Anne Robertson and Tim Little pictured above, representatives from the American Red Cross, and IEMA to discuss ongoing efforts to mitigate the flood disaster in Cook County. As far as this project, Serve Illinois has recruited 45 volunteers to assist with case coordination and other administrative functions in the affected areas. Serve Illinois is proud to partner with FEMA and other disaster response partners to address emergent disaster needs in Illinois. For more information about these projects and to get involved, please visit the Serve Illinois website Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service ( and Ready Illinois.