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Minutes - June 4, 2015

Location and Time

422 S 5th St, 4th Floor
Springfield, IL

Metcalfe Federal Building, Room 330
77 West Jackson Blvd
Chicago, IL 60604

Dial: 888-494-4032; Access Code: 4037150212#

10:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Commissioners Present:

Chicago: Jane Angelis, Nisan Chavkin, Laura Davis, Chris Errera, John Hosteny, Adam McGriffin, Jenne Myers, Frederick Nettles, Heather Way-Kitzes, Kathy Engleken Springfield: Don Baden, Dora Welker, Giraldo Rosales, James Dixon, Joe Rives, Al Riddley Call in: Jennifer Witzel, Barb Tubekis, Anne Schuman, Beth Ford, Steve Silberman, Amanda Guinn, Barb Byrne, Howard Lathan, Julien Brown, Rob Bonesteel, Jeff Turnbull

Staff Present:

Scott McFarland, Sue Zellers, Mike Stehlin, Jacob Nudelman

Guests Present:

Mark Whalen, UIS Student; Meghan Hines, CNCS; Natalie Furlett, Illinois Campus Compact

Call to Order

  • Nettles called meeting to order at 10:15am

Approval of the April 20, 2015 Meeting Minutes

  • Turnbull motioned to approve minutes
  • Myers seconded motion to approve minutes
  • y

Executive Director Report

  • AmeriCorps update, Volunteerism update, Disaster planning update
  • Budgeting update-matching issues, congressional budget
  • Audit update-DHS problems fixed through DPH

Corporation for National and Community Service Report

  • Different Notice of Funding Opportunities through CNCS
  • Vista’s response to Baltimore and Ferguson
  • National Service still prevalent in Katrina and now Cedar Rapids flooding

Commission Chair Report

  • Volunteer Recognition Committee- Tubekis gave recap on Governors Awards, talked about planning for next year
  • Outreach Committee- Errera talked about getting a cast together that is diverse
  • Resource Development committee- Bonesteel explained the changing of scorecard that scored the AmeriCorps applications.
    • McFarland would like to change it and implement it into the RFA.
    • Nisan wants a good balance between subjectivity and objectivity.
  • Regional Commissioners- Riddley is trying to strengthen the volunteer networks in different regions through an ambassador program

Staff Reports

  • Zellers spoke of recent monitoring
  • McFarland spoke about how we got our applications scored and how we got to where we are now with applications voting
  • McFarland briefed Operation AmeriCorps and the Competitive programs
  • McFarland briefed on the volunteerism conferences and Year of The Volunteer
  • McFarland invited commissioners to Serve-a-thon in Chicago

New Business

  • AmeriCorps Formula Spending:
    • McFarland explained the staff ranking sheet
    • Commissioners questioned why Public Allies was not picked up competitively
    • Staff laid out options to take the staff recommendations or change
    • Myers motioned to reduce Public Allies by 13 MSY while bringing cost to $13,000 per MSY
      • Ford seconded
    • Majority vote yes with abstention from Rives due to conflict of interest.
    • Myers motioned to fund Youth Guidance at $13,204 per MSY at 12 MSY which is equal to $158,448.
    • Extensive talk on the implications of adding a new program.
    • Baden called the question.
    • Majority vote yes with abstention from Rives due to conflict of interest.
    • Baden motioned to accept the recommendations as amended.
    • Welker seconded the motion and Dixon calls to question.
    • Majority vote yes with abstention from Rives due to conflict of interest
    • McFarland recapped meeting and new formula funding, asks commissioners to help in times of need
    • Nettles motioned to table discussion of RFA scoring changes, Myers seconds and unanimously vote yes.


  • Nettles adjounred the meeting at 3:15pm