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Agenda - February 19, 2015

Location and Time

422 S 5th St, 4th Floor
Springfield, IL

160 N LaSalle St, 7th Floor – N-703
Chicago, IL

Dial: 888-494-4032; Access Code: 4037150212#

9:00 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Commissioners Present

Jane Angelis, Nisan Chavkin, Laura Davis, Chris Errera, Beth Ford, John Hosteny, Debra Marton, Matt McCabe, Adam McGriffin, Jenne Myers, Frederick Nettles, Anne Schuman, Cynthia Sims, Heather Way-Kitzes, Kathy Engleken, Barbara Tubekis, Barb Byrne, Sarah Mackay, Giraldo Rosales, James Dixon, Donald Baden, Julian Brown, Amanda Guinn, Al Riddley, Steve Silberman, Jennifer Witzel, Jennifer Phillips

Staff Present

Scott McFarland, Sue Zellers, Karla Kunzeman, Mike Stehlin, Courtney Abbott, Jacob Nudelman

Guests Present

Sarah Stapleton, Corporation for National and Community Service

Call to Order

Nettles called the meeting to order at 9:15am

Approval of the October 9, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Hosteny motioned to approve. McCabe seconded. Motion approved via voice vote.

Executive Director Report

  • Budget
    Budgeting update-Increase funds, IDPH support, carry over, Staffing
    Extensive talk of advocacy on getting a line item for Serve Illinois
  • Staffing
    McFarland announced that Kunzeman would be retiring later this Spring. He is working with IDPH to hire more staff.

Corporation for National and Community Service Report

Hoteny gave report on Wendy Spencer visit, an update on Mayor's initiative, and on employers of national service.

Commission Chair Report

  • Executive Committee
    No report
  • Volunteer Recognition Committee
    Tubekis gave an update on the volunteer recognition awards
  • Outreach Committee
    Ford motioned to create a PSA with a budget of $0. Martel seconded. Unanimously approved
  • Strategic Planning Committee
    No report
  • Resource Development Committee
    Sims talked about the AmeriCorps grading process and proposed numerous changes. Asked for participation in the selection process. Marton wanted to add several commissioners from the corporate sector. She spoke of Comcast helping the commission. Marton spoke about the foundation and fundraising for that.
  • Regional Commissioners
    Riddley spoke about the mission statement of the regional committee.

Staff Reports

  • AmeriCoprs
    Zellers spoke of the monitoring schedule. Zellers spoke of the RFA and the applications we have received. McFarland told commissioners the process we followed on competitive applications. McFarland briefed Operation AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps week.
  • Volunteerism
    Stehlin briefed on the regional conferences.
  • Website
    Paper report was given to the Commissioners.
  • Year of the Volunteer
    Angelis gave an update.

Old Business

No old business

New Business

  • Election of Chair
    Dixon nominated Nettles for chair. Rosales seconded. Motion approved via voice vote.
  • Election of Vice Chair
    Schuman nominated Baden for vice chair. McCabe seconded. Motion approved via voice vote.


Nettles adjourned the meeting at 12pm.