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Minutes - April 28, 2014

Location and Time

Illinois Community College Building
401 S. Capitol St.
Springfield, IL

9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Commissioners Present

Fred Nettles, Chair; Jane Angelis; Don Baden; Kathleen Blair; Julian Brown; Meri Dee; James Dixon; Kathy Engleken; John Hosteny; Nancy Jameson; Dora Welker (for Koch); Bob McCammon; Beth Ford (for McCarthy); Jenne Meyers; Fredrick Nettles; Giraldo Rosales; Anne Schuman; Stephen Silberman; Al Riddley; Barbara Tubekis; Jeff Turnbull; Heather Way Kitzes; Jenifer Witzel

Commission Staff Present

Brandon Bodor, Executive Director; Scott McFarland, Deputy Director; Lisa Akers, AmeriCorps Program Manager; Sue Zellers, AmeriCorps Program Office; Karla Kunzeman, Volunteer Programs Manager; Mike Stehlin, Training Officer; Lanie Cooper, Graduate Intern; Courtney Abbott, Graduate Intern; Lilliane Webb, AmeriCorps member

Guests Present


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Nettles at 9:08 am

Approval of Meeting Minutes

Review of Action Items, and approval of minutes from 2-3-14 meeting

  • Bodor briefly discussed
    • Discussed the new weekly commissioner updates. Commissioners pleased with weekly updaes
    • Reviewed action Items
    • Praises to Sue and Lisa for successfully providing programs with a monthly report card, which allows them to know how they are doing with CNCS compliances.
  • Approval of minutes from 6-24-13 meeting
    • Motion made by McCammon to accept both minutes - seconded by Schuman. Minutes approved via voice vote

Corporation for National and Community Service Report - Hosteny

  • Budget
    • New budget proposed by President
      • Changes funding of VISTA program
      • Budget increased by 10 percent
      • Two senior programs Foster Grandparents and Senior Companion sent to AmeriCorps funding.
        • Subject to competitive funding
      • How will it affect budget?
        • Flat fund dollars now being added.
      • RSVP
        • Two RSVP programs will not be funded and dollars will be moved to UGF if budget approved.
        • Money moved from Senior Corps to AmeriCorps with the impact falling on SeniorCorps.
          • If proposal is approved 2/3 of SeniorCorps funding lost.
            • Questions: Will this change the MSY.
              • A: No
            • Question: Does it mean IL will see a 2/3 cut?
              • A: IL may suffer 1 Quarter cut
            • Question: Why did this occur?
              • Competition builds stronger program portfolio.
        • Congressman Ryan has a budget that will zero out all programs
        • Congratulations to April 1st Mayors
          • 1,760 mayors participated(64 from IL)
          • Mayors that signed the proclamation on the website.
          • Thanks to Lilliane and Lanie for recruiting
            • 41Cities of Service (12 of these participated in Mayors Day on Apr 1)
        • SeniorCorps Week (May 19-23)
          • Promote SeniorCorp week
            • Webinars
            • PSAs
            • Promote National Service week
            • Connect with Aldermen, VISTAs, Senior Corps, Foster Grandparent Programs

Executive Director Report

Bodor provided the report.

  • Commission Interagency TransferUpdates (DHS to DPH)
    • April 1st Executive Order filled for the move to IDPH. SB 0220 currently in House of Representative.
      • Bill will go to committee
      • Move to Department of Public Health means little change for commissioners.
      • July 1st means new offices.
      • To see current bill go to and search SB 0220.
  • Senate Resolution 1002and Senate Forum June 10, 2014
    • Jane Angelis drafted a bi-partisan supported solution that outlined Infrastructure of IL Volunteerism
      • June 10th Senate forum
      • 50 to 60 seats
    • Vouchers will be paid by commission
  • CNCS Compliance VisitHighlights
    • Staff visited by Fiscal Program Officer: Tracey Seabolt
      • June will produce a more in-depth report but visit confirmed that the commission is moving in the right direction.

Committee Chair Reports

Strategic Planning

Al Goldfarb taking a step back for personal reasons - Will anyone be able to step up in his place?

Community Outreach and Public Relations

Jenne Myers – Thanks to Lilliane and Lanie Had a conference call on how to better equip commissioner with the best tools.

  • Working on elevator speeches and other hand outs
  • Training retreat in June.
  • Good view on social media. Commissioners should follow social media pages.
  • Contact Lilliane and Lanie for more info about how to add stories to media.

Resource Development

No report

Volunteer Recognition

Governor Volunteer Service Awards Today!
Theme: Recognize, Motivate and Inspire.

  • North Eastern region had 40 seniors
  • Any room for honorable mentions?
  • Could we honor non-winners on FB or webpage?
  • News release on website and will be released to Illinois Government News Network (IGNN)

Chair Report

Commissioner Regional Pilot Update

  • Anne Schuman – North East, Jeff Turnbull – West Central, Amanda Guinn and Jenifer Witzel, Barbara Byrne – North West, Al Riddley- Central
    • Need for all commissioners to be on same page.
    • Senior Corps Week in May a good project for commissioner to jump on.
    • Drill down on getting out info.
    • Checklist coming soon on how to engage others with info.
  • Commissioner Retreat – June 2 (tentative)
    • Potential Locations: Downtown Chicago, Starved Rock State Park, Chicago Suburbs.
      • Motion: Nancy Jameson provides motion to have retreat and next day meeting at Starved rock.
      • Motion: Tabled.

Staff Reports

AmeriCorps –Overview of training and lead up to June 3 vote (Sue Zellers)

  • May 6: AmeriCorps Webinar for Commissioners
  • June 2: Commissioner Training and Strategy Retreat (Chicago)
  • June 3: Summer Commission Meeting (Chicago and Springfield, Video Conference)
  • June 30: Final vote for portfolio
  • Drop box email sent out with info for all programs. Please read and review! Bring Questions!

Budget Update

No report


Governor’s Awards Logistics


Training opportunities for Commissioner, Staff and Programs and Communications

Website activity since increased focus on Outreach

Old Business

Commission Guiding Principles, and vote to adopt

Tabled until June

Regional Commissioner Pilot

Disccused in Chair's report

New Business

Brief Discussion on a Public Policy emphasis for Commission (within Resource Development or Strategic Planning committee)

Will coordinate with Bob Dwyer and with whoever steps forward on the Strategic Planning Committee – will discuss again in June


Nettles adjourned the meeting at 11:53 am