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Minutes - October 7, 2013

Location and Time

President Abraham Lincoln Hilton Doubletree Hotel and Conference Center
701 E Adams St
Springfield, IL 62701

1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Commissioners Present

Fred Nettles, Chair; Jane Angelis; Kathleen Blair; Robert Dwyer; Alvin Goldfarb; Amanda Guinn; Nancy Jameson; Dora Welker (for Koch); Howard Lathan; Bob McCammon; Hannah Porter; Joseph Rives; Anne Schuman; Stephen Silberman; Barbara Tubekis; Jeff Turnbull; Jennifer Witzel; Julian Brown; Beth Ford (for McCarthy); Al Riddley

Commission Staff Present

Brandon Bodor, Executive Director; Scott McFarland, Deputy Director; Lisa Akers, AmeriCorps Program Manager; Sue Zellers, AmeriCorps Program Office; Karla Kunzeman, Volunteer Programs Manager; Mike Stehlin, Training Officer; Lois Barnhart, Inclusion Officer; Lanie Cooper, Graduate Intern; Lilliane Webb, AmeriCorps member

Guests Present

Donovan Ervin, Teach for America

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Nettles

Approval of Meeting Minutes

Brandon Bodor gave brief overview of June meeting. Minutes were not on hand to approve—will approve at next meeting.

Executive Director Report

1) Federal Government Shutdown and how it will affect Serve Illinois 2) Two major initiatives a) Task Force i. VetSuccess—Belleville b) Franklin Project

Chair Report

1) Regional Commissioners a) More visible at regional conferences

Corporation for National and Community Service Update

No Report

Committee Chair Reports

Strategic Planning—Al Godfarb

-Budgeting for results—align strategic plan with Illinois budget objectives

Community Outreach and Public Relations—Lilliane Webb

-Cities of Service—29: 6 IL cities applied for grant money
-Summit of Hope Expos

Resource Development—Bob Dwyer

-How do we administer/support Foundation?
-Do we need a fiscal agent?
-Can we get training from a local non-profit?

Volunteer Recognition—Barb Tubekis

-All Commissioners will read applications for 2014 awards.
-Winners invited to regional conferences.

Staff Reports

AmeriCorps—Brandon Bodor

-Portfolio Update
-2014-17 RFP Process

Budget Update—Brandon Bodor

-Review and Feedback of Proposed 2014 Commission Support Grant

Volunteerism—Karla Kunzeman

-Regional Conference Update
-Volunteer Connector Organization" Vision

Training—Mike Stehlin

-Overview and Logistics for Recognition Day event, October 8—Scott McFarland

-Activity Update -Communications Updates

Disability Inclusion—Lois Barnhart

-Way Ahead with "Rebalancing Initiative" and Inclusion Team

Old Business

Regional Commissioner Plan - Discussion and Vote
Jameson motioned to approve the plan and Tubekis seconded. Plan approved via voice vote.

New Business

-Open Issues for Discussion
-Committee Breakout Time (Committee-dependant)


Nettles adjourned the meeting at 4:00pm