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Minutes - June 21, 2012

Location and Time

Illinois Department of Human Services
823 E Monroe
Springfield, IL
Web Conference

2 pm to 3 pm

Commissioners Present

Jill Heise, Chair; Jane Angelis; Julian Brown; James Dixon; Kathy Engelken; Greg Gates (for Arlan McClain); Alvin Goldfarb; John Hosteny; Mike Mangan; Bob McCammon; Fred Nettles; Giraldo Rosales, Barb Tubekis

Commission Staff Present

Brandon Bodor, Executive Director; Lisa Fernandes, AmeriCorps Program Office; Kim Fornero, Bureau Chief; Karla Kunzeman, Volunteer Programs Manager; Scott McFarland, Deputy Director

Call to Order

Heise called the meeting to order at 2 pm.

Approval of June 13, 2012 Meeting Minutes

McCammon motioned to approve. Hosteny seconded. Passed via voice vote.

Commission Chair Update

Heise thanked everyone who attended and volunteered on the National Conference on Volunteering and Service. Over 5,000 people attended in Chicago. The next year's conference will be in Washington D.C.

Executive Director Update

Bodor thanked staff for their work on the AmeriCorps RFP process.

Old Business


New Business

AmeriCorps Formula Grants -

  1. Overview - Angelis announce a Generations Serving Generations meeting scheduled for June 25th. All Commissioners are welcome.
  2. Strategic Planning Discussion - Fernandes presented the Commission's recommendations for the AmeriCorps Formula grant. Programs will start in July/August and will be funded for up to three years. A discussion was had concerning the proposal and review process.
  3. Approval - Brown Motioned to approve. McCammon seconded. Approved via voice vote.


Heise adjourned the meeting at 3:15 pm.

Next Meeting

October 12, 2012