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Minutes - June 14, 2011

Location and Time

Metcalfe Federal Building
GSA Conference Center (Room 330)
77 W. Jackson Blvd
Chicago, IL 60604
Hay-Edwards Building
Room 007
400 W. Lawrence
Springfield, IL 62701

10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Commissioners Present

Jane Angelis, Don Baden, Andrew Barbeau, Lawrence Benito, Jim Dixon, Kathy Engelken, Greg Gates (McClain), John Hosteny, Howard Lathan, Michael Mangan, Bob McCammon, Fred Nettles, Fred Rodriguez, John Sirek, Barb Tubekis

Commission Staff Present

Lois Barnhart, Disability Outreach Coordinator; Lisa Fernandes, AmeriCorps Program Officer; Kim Fornero, Bureau Chief; Ted Gibbs, Executive Director; Karla Kunzeman, Volunteer Programs Manager; Scott McFarland, Resources and Information Manager; Emily Ward, Graduate Public Service Intern

Guests Present

Carla Ganiel, Corporation for Nation and Community Service; Marc Lane, The Law Offices of Marc J. Lane, P.C.; Sarah Monroe, Corporation State Office representative

Call to Order and Introductions

Barbeau served as chair in Heise’s absence. He called meeting to order at 10:07 am. Rodriguez read mission statement.

Approval of April 6, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Mangan motioned to approve and Benito seconded. Approved via voice vote.

Commission Budgets

State Commission Administration Budget

Gibbs reviewed the administrative budget with Commissioners. The goal is to give Commissioners a better understanding of Serve Illinois’ finances. The Corporation grant equals $552,154 and the Commission/State match equals $573,559. Highlights include 6.6 staff FTE, public service announcements, Serve Illinois newsletter, volunteer matching database, OnCorps reporting system, and marketing of the website. The PSA will be released in the winter months.

Barnhart asked if the PSA will be closed captioned. Gibbs believes that it will be. Hosteny asked how much of the amount was roll-over from the previous year. Gibbs answered that it was around $104,000. Hosteny asked how we will track the impact of the PSAs. Gibbs said that the PSA will be tracked by air time and date. This will give us a dollar value. Hosteny asked if there is a way to find out if the PSA motivated someone to serve. Gibbs said that there is nothing planned as of now. A survey could be used. Barbeau said that an accurate survey would cost about the same amount as the PSA. The hope is that people will contact the Commission directly, and that would give us a good idea of who is viewing it. Gates asked if social media will be used. The Commission does have a Facebook page that can be utilized. Hosteny asked if the Commissioners can be involved in the social media strategy. Barbeau stated that with this budget, the Commission is moving in the right direction.

Program Development and Technical Assistance Budget

Gibbs outlined the PDAT budget. The Corporation share is $87,247. Highlights include .2 staff FTE, training for AmeriCorps Directors, national service recognition day, support of volunteerism conferences, and volunteer management network support.

Disability Inclusion Budget

Gibbs outlined the Disability budget. The Corporation share is $99,868. Highlights include .2 staff FTE, reasonable accommodations, Kreider services staff support, and disability mini-grants to programs.

McCammon commended the Executive Committee for working with the staff on the budget.

Commission Staffing update

The Volunteer Programs Manager role was filled by Karla Kunzeman on June 1st. She is happy to be working with the Commission. She previously worked in DHS at Long-term Care and prior to that she was the legislative liaison for the Illinois Arts Council. The Commissioners welcomed her.

Gibbs also said that the plan is to move the Resources and Information Manager to the Governor’s office in Springfield via an inter-governmental agreement.

State AmeriCorps Grants


Gibbs reviewed the Competitive AmeriCorps process. The commission sent 16 programs to compete nationwide. This included 8 continuation requests. The 8 continuations were awarded and one new program, Peace Corps AmeriCorps Fellows was newly funded as Competitive. Ganiel reiterated that it was extremely competitive this year. This combined with federal budget cuts made it very hard to fund new programs. 53 new programs were funded nationwide; which was a 16% success rate.


Those Commissioners who are affiliated with a potentially funded program were asked to recuse themselves and leave the room.

Gibbs reviewed the Formula AmeriCorps process. Illinois was awarded $4,363,343 based on population. This was a decrease of $289,230 from FY 11 to FY 12. Fernandes distributed staff recommendations for Competitive funding. McCammon motioned to approve and Mangan seconded. Approved via voice vote.

Fernandes distributed staff recommendations for Formula funding. McCammon motioned to approve and Mangan seconded. Approved via voice vote.

The recuesed Commissioners returned.


Barbeau led a discussion regarding the next RFP. The Executive Committee proposed that a new RFP cycle be put in place. Currently funded programs will be asked to apply for a one year continuation in FY13. New programs would be allowed to apply at the same time for two year grants. Those funded in FY13 would then apply in FY 14 for two year grants. After FY 14 half of the programs will recompete each year. Hosteny asked if Commission members could be involved in the review process. Gibbs said that they would. Sirek motioned to approve to the new cycles and Dixon seconded. Approved via voice vote.

The Executive Committee will make a recommendation regarding which programs will be asked to go into a one year continuation. The committee will then bring any changes to the system back to the full Commission as needed. Sirek motioned to approve the plan and McCammon seconded. Approved via voice vote.

Commission By Laws

Review, offer opinions to executive committee by July 1

McFarland outlined the amendment process. Recommendations must be made to the Executive Committee two months prior to the next Commission meeting. The Executive Committee will then give final recommendations to the Commissioners no later than one month prior to the next meeting. A two-thirds vote of those present at the next Commission meeting will adopt the recommendations. Barbeau asked the Commissioners to provide possible changes.

bHosteny suggested the Commission look at the statutory members of the Commissioner.

McCammon asked the Executive Committee look at changing Article IV, Section D, 5 to include attendance in committee meeting. He also asked the Executive Committee to add language concerning Commission oversight of budgeting. He also asked that the State’s administrative rules be reviewed.

Nettles asked that “faith based” be added to Article III, Section A.

The Executive Committee will offer recommendations to be voted on in October.

Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Presentation

Marc Lane, The Law Offices of Marc J. Lane, P.C.

Lane gave a presentation to the Commission regarding the proposed Social Innovation Task Force. This body would look into allowing non-profits to incorporate small for-profit subsidiaries. Gibbs stated that staff will continue to follow what the Governor’s office will do with this task force.


Resource Development Committee Report

Sirek provided the report. The Committee met via phone. They are interested in the creation of a 501c3 entity to support the Commission’s work. Barbeau will be scheduling phone calls with several other states that currently have 501c3 organizations. The Resource Committee will then bring a recommendation back to the Commission. Barbeau asked Gibbs if the Governor’s office would be willing to provide legal advice and support in the planning process. Gibbs said he would discuss it with the Governor’s staff.

Marketing Materials


Gibbs reported that staff is currently working on the 2010 Annual Report, a Commission brochure, and other media documents. He hopes to have the Marketing committee involved in the final editing of these documents. He hopes to have them to the Commission for final approval by October.

Governor’s Volunteer Service Awards Press release

The second annual awards received coverage in media markets via a press release that was made available to the Commissioners.

My American Story PSA in Illinois

The PSA was created by the Corporation. The Commission can add additional contact information to the end. The Corporation will then distribute it to media outlets.

Updated Commissioner List and New Appointment

An updated Commissioner contact list was distributed. Gibbs also asked that anyone who has recommendations to fill Commission spots forward those names to Gibbs and Heise.

Gibbs introduced Dixon as a newly appointed Commissioner. Dixon represents labor via AFSCME in Springfield. He is very active in several volunteer efforts.

2012 National Conference Announcement

Chicago was announced as the host city for the 2012 National Conference on Volunteering and Service. The Corporation also announced that it will not be able to support the conference monetarily next year.

The Commissioners discussed the New Orleans conference and areas for improvement. Tubekis said that Chicago should have more built-in support for attendees. Jameson said that the social events on Monday should also be offsite. She recommended the Aquarium or the Field Museum. McCammon said that more volunteers are needed to support the conference.

Past Events attended by Commissioners

Commissioners reported on events that they participated in.

Disability Inclusion Report

McFarland and Barnhart provided the report. A state-wide inclusion team is being formulated now. Additionally a disability resources tool kit is in final draft status and should be published soon.

Illinois Volunteerism Report

McFarland provided the report. He distributed an updated site activity report and asked Commissioners look into marketing the site and its volunteer opportunity portal to more people.

Volunteerism Conferences

McFarland provided the report. Five regional conference are planned for 2011. The first, East Central Illinois Volunteerism Conference, will be on June 16th. Over 100 people have pre-registered for the conference. The other four conferences are as follows:

  • ICOVA- August 12,2011
  • Southern IL Volunteerism Conference September 29,2011
  • Northwest Illinois Volunteerism Conference October 7, 2011
  • West Central Illinois Volunteerism Conference October 27,2011

McFarland asked Commissioners to try to attend the conferences in their region and asked that, if interested, they offer to present at the conferences.


Dixon motioned to adjourn and McCammon seconded. Approved via voice vote. Barbeau adjourned the meeting at 2:15p.m.

Next meeting October 12, 2011