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Jennifer North

Jennifer North is an Organizational Development Consultant that provides expertise and service throughout the non-for-profit sector. Ms. North has a Bachelors of Arts in Criminal and Justice Studies from Governors State University as well as a Masters of Arts in Political and Justice Studies. Ms. North completed prison researcher for the John Howard Association and conducts various life skills workshops, including peer mediation training and anger management within the south suburban area. In 2013, Ms. North was appointed by Governor Pat Quinn to the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice Advisory Board, Markham 6 District Juvenile Court. 

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Ms. North's goal is to provide a thorough understanding of governmental operations, changing the socioeconomic desolation of communities from people that struggle with corruption and socially unequal regimes. Ms. North is also the recipient of the Community Service Award by the Chicago All Stars Project. "Only the educated are free." #stayinformed- Epictetus The most important thing that I can do to achieve social justice in my own life is to remain an active and engaged member of my social atmosphere by participating in the democratic process which comprises the US political culture. More specifically, this means I must continue to stay abreast of what the major social issues are that plague my community, and gain as much knowledge as possible concerning the individuals who are interested in occupying a position of leadership, and make sure that the two aspects are in alignment with my perspective regarding the matters.

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