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Jennifer North

Jennifer North, on the surface, is an extremely accomplished political analyst who has worked on several winning campaigns for over 15 years. She prides herself in educating the communities with quantitative and qualitative data that would strengthen their agendas.  

Ms. North received her Legal Studies degree at Northwestern Business and M.A. in Political Science & MPA from Governors State University. It was there that she developed her passion for political landscape, with 

a focus on topics such as policies, political economy, and community accountability. After graduation, she rose through the ranks as a community advocate for over 10 years. She then spent time writing her publication of "The Inadequacies of Public Welfare," and how it perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Ms. North continued to follow that path of analyzing systems and processes that affect communities as a whole. 

Ms. North is also the recipient of the Community Service Award by the Chicago All Star Project, appointed to the IL Juvenile Justice Advisory Board.

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