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Ami Copeland

Ami Copeland leads APCO’s D.C. Public Affairs practice, where he brings 20 years of experience working at the intersection of policy, politics and global affairs in both domestic and foreign markets.  

As the head of public affairs, Mr. Copeland utilizes the full breadth of APCO’s integrated support and services for its clients and help address the multifaceted global challenges faced today by companies around the world. 

Prior to joining APCO, Mr. Copeland was an executive vice president at Resolute Public Affairs, where he led high-stakes public affairs and risk management engagements with corporations, non-profits, and advocacy campaigns at the crossroads of public and private sectors on global, national and local stages. 

Mr. Copeland served as the deputy national finance director for then-Senator Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign and held leadership positions in the campaigns of Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, Senator Bill Nelson, Senator Tom Harkin, and within the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Mr. Copeland was a founding partner at New Partners Consulting, where he supported companies, philanthropic organizations, and political campaigns in Washington and across the country. He also served as executive director of Business Forward, a D.C.-based, national business trade group that is active in over 100 cities around the country working with over 100,000 local business leaders and executives on issues critical to economic growth.

With his experience collaborating with hundreds of decisionmakers across federal, state and local agencies, Mr. Copeland is frequently sought after by national media for his insights on national politics. Oftentimes, he is featured in outlets including Politico, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time, and NPR.

Before launching his professional political career, Mr. Copeland lived abroad, obtained the rank of First Sergeant in the Israeli Defense Forces and worked as an investment banker and business journalist in Europe. 

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