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Jane Angelis

​Jane Angelis is the editor of Continuance, which was established as a newsletter by the Illinois Board of Higher Education in 1987 and expanded to a magazine with funding from the Corporation for National and Community Service in 1999. The theme of the magazine is "Knowledge and understanding passing from generation to generation." Angelis currently directs Generations Serving Generations, a public private partnership in cooperation with the National Governors Association and sponsored by the Illinois Department on Aging.

Currently she is developing an international coalition of education ministries through a project called Opportunities for Education in an Aging World. Jane holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Communications from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Her research includes studies on civic engagement and leadership in retirement, organizational development for intergenerational programs, and coalition development across generations. She has worked with the leadership of the Illinois Senate to hold four Senate Forums on Intergenerational Leadership.

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